The Aixstream group, based in France and founded in 2009, pursues its goal to offer the different actors of the motorcycle market a complete range of products based on equipment for motorcyclists. The group has developed its own brands, such as Astone Helmets®; V’Quattro Design®; Overlap®; Octopuss®, but also designs specific products on demand.

Conscious of the deep changes which have affected in its market in recent years, the group has decided to focus its strategy on the development of innovative products, without forgetting present-day economic constraints.

The group manages the entire product chain, from design to distribution, including manufacturing. The completely in-house R&D team, as well as the group’s Asian subsidiary, in charge of production control, do their utmost to meet consumers’ needs in accordance with European standards for personal protective equipment.

Today, the group works with about 4,000 national and international customers.


Astone Helmets® is part of the AIXSTREAM group and makes motorcycle helmets.

Its wide range covers all sections of the market and the needs of the consumer. The products are made in accordance with current regulations.

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V’Quattro Design® is part of the AIXSTREAM group and makes motorcycle footwear and gloves.

The products meet the ever-growing needs of fashionable motorcyclists who want to protect themselves and look stylish. The product range meets the EN 13594 European standard for personal protective equipment.

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Overlap® is part of the AIXSTREAM group and makes motorcycle clothing.

The models meet both CE and PPE requirements. Our goal is to appeal to the many motorcyclists out there who aren’t wearing the appropriate protective equipment because it’s simply not stylish enough; Overlap® has a wide range of styles and washes for jeans lovers.

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Octopuss® offers a collection of waterproof bags with an urban style for everyday use.

We worked on suitable volumes, carefully selected materials, minusiously thinked on details and optimum functionality. Stylistically, the Octopuss® bags are simple and minimalist with a clear biker heritage. Life on two wheels with its constraints, its problems and needs has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for the brand.

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Commercial website of the entire Aixstream group, Ridervalley hosts the official shops for all our brands. You’ll find all available products in our catalogs

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